Meeting #:
Cariboo Regional District Board Room
Suite D - 180 Third Avenue North
Williams Lake, B.C.

​(The meeting is scheduled to commence at 5:30 p.m.)

  • That the agenda be adopted as presented.

  • That the minutes of the Central Cariboo Joint Committee meeting, held April 24, 2019, be received and adopted.

(Voting - Electoral Areas D, E, F and Council)
Ratification required by CRD

  • That the agenda item summary from Darron Campbell, Manager of Community Services, dated May 16, 2019, and attached minutes from the Esler Recreation Advisory Commission meeting held May 14, 2019, be received. Further, that the following recommendations from the Commission be considered for endorsement:

    1. that the proposed 2019 capital projects for Williams Lake Slo-Pitch League and Williams Lake Soccer Associations be approved, including: the Slo-Pitch League improvement of infields and updates to signage, and the Williams Lake Soccer Associations top-dressing fields, replacement of deck stairs and improved water system for the clubhouse. And further, that $7,500 to each group for approved capital projects be provided as allocated in the Central Cariboo Recreation and Leisure Services (CCRLS) 2019 budget.

    2. that $10,000 be allocated in the community projects envelope of the Central Cariboo Recreation and Leisure Services budget for a co-operative field top-dressing project to encourage more effective water use through improvement of the fields’ water retention.

    3. that the Esler Recreation Advisory Commission members for 2019 be appointed as follows: Linda Barbondy for the WL Slo-Pitch League, Brian Hansen for the WL Soccer Associations, Nick Surette for WL Minor Fastball, and Bruce Newbery and Pierre Mayette for the Esler Community Association.
  • That the Action Page as presented at the Central Cariboo Joint Committee meeting on May 22, 2019, be received.

  • That the meeting of the Central Cariboo Joint Committee be adjourned at TIME, May 22, 2019.